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Lets walk side by side and build your home... 

First step: Lets discuss where your home will be built... We are open to building in Salt Lake, Utah, Tooele, Wastach, Summit, and Davis Counties. We can help you find the lot that you are wanting or build on a lot that you currently own. 

Selecting Plans: We will meet and discuss features and desires that you are wanting for your home and family. We can provide you with floor plans that we have or draw something up from scratch! We will meet with our architect and he will be in contact with you throughout the whole process of your plans being drawn. He will make sure to pay attention to detail and that everything is exacatly they way you like it. 

Budgeting & Funding: Once you have picked a floor plan that you are wanting. Our team will put estimates together on your plans to meet something that is suitable for your budget. We will go through line by line on all costs that are related to your plans as well as features that you may want to be included in your home. This is a very transparent process as you will see exact prices for everything in your home. Once we have an exact number of what your house will cost and if the price seems suitable, we can get contracts in order. 

Financing: We have several financing options avaliable for you. We can get you in contact with one of our lenders and help you get started on the process of getting you qualified. Or we are also open to if you would like to carry your own funding, whether that may be through your own lender or if you would like to pay cash, though most find this unpractical. 

​Building Permit & Color Selection Meeting:  We will aquire all building permits needed for you new home and during that time we will finish the process of your home funding. We will also arrange a time for a start meeting on your home in our showroom filled with numerous options. This is such an exciting part of the process as you start to see your home come to life with all the features and colors that you choose. This is a very detailed meeting as we pin point down everything from cabinets and paint, and from flooring to light fixtures. We will go through every part of the home and make sure that nothing is missed. Make sure you bring your ideas of what you are wanting for your home so that we can make them come to life. 

Construction: Once funding is in place and we have recieved a building permit for your project, we start with the digging of your new home! This is such an exciting day and we invite you to come see it and take pictures along the way to show the start of your new chapter. Once your home is framed, we will schedule a meeting with you where we will walk through with our electrican and you tell him exactly where you are wanting lights, outlets switches and more. This is a great way to see just how your home will function and personalize it for yourself. During the building process we encourage you to keep in contact with us and we can meet, as needed, with the builder to ensure excellent communication, throughout the process of your build. During the last week, we will do a home walk through to ensure your home is to your liking and final work is completed. Upon final inspection from the building department and final funding has completed, your home is finished and the keys are yours to move in!!!

You will recieve a warranty on your home for 1 year from the final inspection date. Once your warranty is up, we will be here to support you with anything you need for your home and we hope to maintain an ongoing friendship.